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Hosted by Oceidon’s very own Andy Green with regular appearances by Jack Krosinski and Husnu Yesirci, Oceidon Talk is bi-weekly podcast program summarizing latest in Oceidon development news. Each episode will also feature a cherry picked selection of blockchain projects our listeners will find fascinating to learn more about.


Special thanks to this week’s Oceidon Talk participants Bottled Rest Is a Real World Play to Earn, eEAT we are pleased to have our guests share the latest developments in their neck of the woods.


Bottled Rest Is a Real World

Bottled Rest Is a Real World Play to Earn (P2E) NFT game that allows holders to play against others and participate in Sweepstakes Rewards! </p> <p>You read that right - real, physical and tangible games, created by investors and/or the Bottled Rest team, and driven by physical NFTs. This is opening the door for an entirely new world of use cases for NFT technology</p> <p>Not only does the Bottle Rest NFT allow you to win amazing prizes, but it also allows you to have a course of your own!</p> <p>Have a cool idea? Put that imagination to work, see it come to fruition and let it earn you an income! We want to provide a means for building what YOUR mind can dream up!</p> <p>At no upfront cost to you, you can design your own course and have us build it! We can always design your course for you for an added cost.



eEAT was formed by a group of food loving, blockchain enthusiasts looking to transform the payment process in restaurants, bars, and hotels. Founded by two entrepreneurs and small business owners, our ultimate goal is to help business owners retain more of their hard-earned money by utilizing cryptocurrency and eliminating middlemen from the payment process.<br /> Our cryptocurrency, eEAT, offers the future of payments in the hospitality industry. It is the first to market and aims to be a disruptor in hospitality. Through the use of cryptocurrency, eEAT will function as a form of payment in our ecosystem comprised of the eEAT payment app, eEAT branded and partner restaurants, and hydroponic farming.

* Project descriptions have been provided by respective project owners and Oceidon Corporation does not endorse, verify, nor guarantee any information supplied by podcast guests either written or communicated via the podcast. We encourage listeners to conduct extensive research of each project discussed and presented.

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