Oceidon® Talk


Hosted by Oceidon’s very own Andy Green with regular appearances by Jack Krosinski and Husnu Yesirci, Oceidon Talk is bi-weekly podcast program summarizing latest in Oceidon development news. Each episode will also feature a cherry picked selection of blockchain projects our listeners will find fascinating to learn more about.


Special thanks to this week’s Oceidon Talk participants @PiProtocol, @thevalorcoin, @toastpunk we are pleased to have our guests share the latest developments in their neck of the woods.


Pi Protocol

PI Protocol is the one-stop multi-chain Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform for NFTs. Users can stake their NFTs for staking rewards, list their NFTs on PI Protocol Open Marketplace, launch their own NFT projects with custom contracts, and participate to solve challenging and mind-bending puzzles in treasure hunts events within the PI Protocol ecosystem.



VALOR COIN is the latest project introduced by the Combat Sports Godfather; Ken Shamrock and the Valor Sports Team. VALOR COIN will include rewards token redistributing BNB back to holders, staking pools, a multi-chain NFT Marketplace, and a major MetaVerse build in Decentraland that will include the ability to watch live streams, see impromptu interviews, and major events live in the MetaVerse, but also wearables and even a virtual museum


Toast Punk

The first 3D blockchain racing game that NFT communities can join and play-to-earn using their own NFTs and tokens.

* Project descriptions have been provided by respective project owners and Oceidon Corporation does not endorse, verify, nor guarantee any information supplied by podcast guests either written or communicated via the podcast. We encourage listeners to conduct extensive research of each project discussed and presented.

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