Oceidon® Talk

Hosted by Oceidon’s very own Andy Green with regular appearances by Jack Krosinski and Husnu Yesirci, Oceidon Talk is bi-weekly podcast program summarizing latest in Oceidon development news. Each episode will also feature a cherry picked selection of blockchain projects our listeners will find fascinating to learn more about.


Special thanks to this week’s Oceidon Talk participants @moonforcetoken, @joincoinio, @dumpsterbirds, @officialsatoshistreetbets we are pleased to have our guests share the latest developments in their neck of the woods.


Andy and Lupa

Co-Founders at JoinCoin

JoinCoin is a revolutionary platform that aims to connect investors and empower utility driven projects through their ecosystem. JoinCoin aims on bringing all the important information together, into one platform. The LinkedIn alternative for DeFi and bsc. No more rugs, legit and KYC devs, direct contacts to real marketers, listing agencies, content creators and many more. All the professionals under one roof.



Marketing at Satoshi Street Bets

We are determined to create a successful crypto project and support it with the massive Satoshi Street Bets community. We will establish the standard of how a cryptocurrency and community should operate.


Trevor PAC


MoonForce is designed to be a one stop shop for new projects to not only launch, but also be set up with; Marketing Agencies, Influencers, and even Developers! MoonForce is powered by SWAP 2.0 Routers!


Squirrel Master

Co-Founder at Dumpster Birds

From the streets of Big Apple comes the First “GREEN” NFT project of its kind!<br /> NYC is overrun with the dirtiest of birds. Introducing The Dumpster Birds!<br /> On the Ethereum Network, 10k hand drawn collection, 157 unique traits, Cash Prizes, Incredible community, Massive Onchain Support, The Next Blue Chip NFT.

* Project descriptions have been provided by respective project owners and Oceidon Corporation does not endorse, verify, nor guarantee any information supplied by podcast guests either written or communicated via the podcast. We encourage listeners to conduct extensive research of each project discussed and presented.

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